Hard Cooked Eggs

Hard cooked eggs are a nutrition powerhouse fast food staple in my house.
Make them once for the week, and you’re good to go!

Breakfast on the go:
-hard cooked egg
-whole wheat toast

-sliced hard cooked egg
-spread of soft cheese
-whole wheat toast
-side of veggies

-bowl of salad
-fruits, vegetables
-hard cooked egg, sliced into wedges or finely chopped

I like to have hard cooked eggs on hand for times when I am a.) running late in the morning b.) don’t have any other foods in the house c.) too tired to cook dinner

Of course, I wouldn’t exactly recommend eating eggs for every meal of every day, but you get the point! Did you know? Eggs are PACKED with nutrition including vitamins and minerals which can be hard to find in vegetarian diets, and the majority of nutrients are found in the yolk. (FYI: Research suggests one whole egg/day is perfectly healthy for those even with elevated cholesterol.)

Hard cooked egg TIPS:

1. Use older eggs. Hard cooking fresh eggs will lead to much frustration, trust me. If you can, use eggs a little closer to their expiration date.
2. If you would like to have the yolk perfectly centered, store the eggs on their sides for a few hours before cooking.
3. Steam your eggs in a steamer basket for 12 minutes for the perfect egg. Less time for a more translucent center (I LOVE runnier eggs in salads)
4. Immediately submerge the cooked eggs into an ice bath
with 1 Tbsp baking soda for 5 minutes. This will help stop the cooking process and make peeling easier.
5. Peel the eggs so they are ready to eat at a moments notice! Peeling is easier if it is started at the wider end of the egg, where the air sac is.

Thanks to Alton Brown for some of these great tips. BEST EGGS EVER 😀